I am a Marketing Associate for Toronto Metropolitan University's Students for Mental Awareness, Support and Health organization. In this role, I create weekly mental health awareness Instagram posts using Canva and post them on their profile. I primarily filter through the copy given to me by the Education team. These posts are also following their branding style and were approved by the VP of Marketing.
Since October 2023, I have successfully created and posted seven posts, one of which was a promotional post for the group's first event of the school year, called "Game On! Stress Off!". The post has reached over 900 accounts and 1280+ shares, being the most engaged post this semester. Since then, the account has had +16.4% account reach and +39.6% engaged accounts.
Check out the TMU SMASH account:
Cupid's Carnival Event Promotion (Sponsored by Spring Sushi)
Game On! Stress Off! Event Promotion (Highest Performing)
First-Year Students: Adjusting From High School to University
Mental Illness Awareness
Learning Disabilities
Men's Mental Health
Alcoholics Anonymous

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