Our final project for my Magazine Print and Production class was to create a 16-page magazine (self-authored copy) with 4 classmates based on our chosen theme. It included editorial, covers, and advertisement pages. My group decided to create a "Girlhood" themed magazine, covering topics ranging from romance to music. It stemmed from how women can be united by common interests and support each other throughout life.
Depicted in this portfolio are my 4 pages: a 3-page editorial and a single-page advertisement. I wanted this editorial to highlight romance tropes since the romance book genre is trending all over social media, especially among women. my group members and I love romance novels, so writing this was enjoyable. I chose romantic photos such as pink rose petals and flowers, with a rosy palette still reflecting our brand.
I was also lucky to witness this magazine bonded and printed using our school's industry-grade printers, cutters and binders as depicted below. 

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