Foggy Lungs, Foggy Mind was created by myself for my Typography class.
Based on a social issue of my choice (smoking), I had to create a typeset long document (informative brochure) with typographic and accessibility considerations. Each page is carefully curated for maximum readability, legibility and consistency, allowing for a cohesive document.
The challenge given for this assignment was that vector graphics were unallowed, but could be created using type, hence the stylistic design on the cover's large cigarettes. The body copy and titles also used an OpenType Variable font.
My favourite part about creating this document was working with InDesign's "Paragraph Styles", which enabled me to build out various elements of each page, from columns to spacing. The most challenging detail was creating the bubble text box on page 5, and having the text properly spaced based on that shape to create a smoke cloud effect.

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